Suspension Kits
All kits include: upper and lower ball joints, upper and lower control arm bushings, strut rod bushings, all (4) tie rod ends, upper and lower bump stops and an idler arm.

Recommended with:
Click for Upper Control Arms ('65-'73)
Click for H.D. Strut Rods ('65-'73)
Click for Bilstein Shocks

Shaft Kit
Eccentric washers, bolts, and nuts to attach upper control arms

*NEW Problem Solver Bushings*
Achieve most positive caster out of your stock upper control arm...$145 set
'65-'73: H.P. kit; Urethane Bushings, 11/16" Seamless Tube Tie Rod Kit

'65-'73: Stock kit; O.E. Rubber

'74-'78: Stock kit; O.E. Rubber & urethane kit

'74-'78: H.P. kit; includes 11/16" Seamless Tube Tie Rods

*Urethane Kits must retain original outer shells for UCA and LCA bushings, when using stock control arms*

'65-'73 Shaft Kit

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