'65-'73 C-body Rear Sway Bar 7/8"


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FFI builds sway bar kits in house. The difference is in the quality of the bar material and the hardware. The brackets fit well and are built heavy duty to handle the higher stress created by higher rate sway bars. Our rear bars are "frame hung" like the factory rear bars. This helps with un-sprung weight as well as making rear end maintenance easier. All of our sway bars are powder coated black and have urethane bushings fit with zerk grease fittings.

*1970-1978 Require our ISO Delete Kit in combination to this sway bar kit.

*When using Dr. Diff's rear disc brake kit, you will need to forward mount the caliper and use a longer E-brake cable to clear our leaf bracket for the end links.

*Our kit clears up to 3" exhaust and "Caltracks" systems.