'62-'76 A-body, '62-'72
B-body, '70-'74 E-body


Urethane Strut Bushings

'73-'79 B-body

Urethane Strut Bushings

   Urethane strut bushings are based on the '66-'72 B-body and '70-'74 E-body style strut bushing dimensions. This strut bushing happens to be thicker than most all other strut bushing combos out there. Approx. 3/8 inch thicker than the '63-'72 A-body bushing. This pushes the lower control back, putting the LCA bushing in a slight bind but more importantly losing what little positive caster it had in the first place,( these cars only have about 1 degree of positive caster). We built these adjustable struts to properly locate the LCA (lower control arm). If you are running urethane or nylon LCA bushings and urethane strut bushings Nylon bushing on LCA pin your strut length is now more critical to insure the LCA doesn't slip back or forward on the pivot pin. Otherwise your LCA inner pivot will be " floating," so the front end alignment (toe setting) will not stay put. LCA bushing NOT pulled up against LCA pin shoulder

   You want positive caster AND you want a stable toe setting.

   We recommend you preassemble your LCA / Strut assembly and sweep it up and down to make sure every thing move smoothly and the LCA inner pivot stays pulled up snug in position against the LCA pin shoulder, then assemble the rest of the suspension.

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