FF Police Package I

- Power Steering Box *Stage 3* Rebuild
- Refundable Steering Core Fee
- Suspension Kit: upper and lower ball joints, urethane bushings, and bump stops, 11/16" tie rod with seemless tubing, urethane strut rod bushings and an idler arm.
- Problem Solver Bushings: add more positive caster to your alignment.
- Front Sway Bar: 1-1/8" diameter
- Bilstein Shocks
- FFI Pocket T-shirt or Hat

Package Cost:
1962-1972 Drum = $1999 + s/h
1962-1972 Disc = $1974 + s/h
1973 and up = $1809 + s/h

*Sway Bar Notes* Subtract $50 from total kit cost if you car came stock with a front sway bar.
*Steering Box Notes* Subtract $175 from total kit cost if you send us your steering core for rebuild.

- Additional Package Information Below -

Suspension Package 1

Save $50 with purchase of all products in this package AND get a Firm Feel T-shirt- view here.

Price the package by choosing and adding up each part in the list. Some parts have options within the links provided that determine the price of the package. Feel free to email us for help designing a package with your preferences and application(s) in mind.
Suspension Package 1

Power Steering Box
Suspension Rebuild Kit
Problem Solver Bushings
Front Sway Bar Kit
Bilstein Shocks

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